Papa Aashi ft PaulfromBrussels– Silky Essence (2021)

Are you looking for a song that offers a chantable chorus, funky tones and relatable lyrical content? Well, you are in the right place as this is exactly what Papa Aashi is offering with his single ‘Silky Essence’. Touching on trying to attain surface-level success, the single is a party song at its core and will get you moving to its beats.

With some fun and light-hearted vibes, Papa Aashi channels Daft Punk and Mac Miller while wrapping his own style around the song. Adding a touch of international lifestyle and melding it with his creativity, he offers something uniquely wonderful. Featuring PaulfromBrussels, the track offers a party mood that flows through you and makes you want to turn the volume up.

‘Silky Essence’ brings a touch of retro disco and soul to your ears through the smooth yet pluck opening tones. There is this washing and wavering feeling to the opening melody that gives way to an old school funky wave. The retro tones dance and twirl around some modern tones and deep twanging tones that are so delightful. There is an easy warmth to the music that sinks into your skin and makes you smile. You can’t really help but slide and shimmy to the melody as it twinkles, zings and warbles through your senses.

The fusion movements of the melody accentuate the really hypnotic vocal performances. The soulful vocals that open the track bring a swirl of light through the high tones only to whisper breathlessly in the lower levels. This slides easily in the rap vocals that are as smooth and soulful as the melodic vocal movements. Through the lyrics, you are drawn into the race for success that is only surface deep. The interplay between the melodic vocals and rap is wonderful and so perfectly done that you can’t help but slide along them and want to turn up the volume.

Papa Aashi with PaulfromBrussels have you shimmying to their beat while chasing a success that is surface deep in ‘Silky Essence’. There is a wonderful combination of retro and modern tones that swirl together for a song that is too engaging for its own good. The easy slides will make you want to turn up the volume while relaxing into the warmth it provides.

Find out more about Papa Aashi on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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