ZARETTI – Better Days (2020)

Adam Zaretti is bringing his solo music it light with the project ZARETTI. Over the last few years, he has taught himself everything he could about music production and turned this to his own music. ‘Better Days’ is the third song he has fully fleshed out and he is ready to let you feast your ears on it.

The track is an interesting collection of thoughts about the confusion and anxiety that follows a sudden breakup. These unexpected happenings thrust you into the unknown and this song looks at the lack of clarity and closure you feel. It also considers what you could do next to figure everything out.

‘Better Days’ uses a piano opening to get your attention. The melody is soft with these interesting synth notes that zip past you. These synth notes add a little something to the melody and could be seen as a musical representation of the sudden events in the lyrics. The gentle melody continues throughout the song, but it works so well with the vocals and lyrics.  

Zaretti’s vocals are as soft as the melody and gently wind their way through your senses. There is something very honest about the performance. The rise and fall of his vocals draw you into the lyrics and the quest for clarity. You can also hear the confusion in his performance as he tries to determine what went wrong.

ZARETTI collects his thoughts in the gentle and soothing ‘Better Days’ as he looks for clarity and closure. The vocals are emotive and help you connect with the lyrics. Combined with the light melody, you are left with a soothing pop song.

Find out more about ZARETTI on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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