Kin-Kachow – Kombucha (2021)

With their debut EP Kombucha, alternative rock band Kin-Kachow are introducing themselves to the world. Bringing a mixture of old and new sounds, they walk the sonic middle ground of modernity. While a stepping-stone for their first full album, the three tracks of the EP offers an insight into their sound and the dynamic movements we can expect in the future.

Biku (guitar, vocals), Hon (bass), Josh (drums) and James (guitar) met at the University of Auckland where they were all studying a Bachelor of Music. Since then, they have been making music, organising shows at a variety of venues and recording this EP. Created in a tiny room in Josh’s home, it is a wonderful ping on the music world’s radar.

The EP opens with ‘Simians’ which thrums through your brain. There is a really funky feeling to the thrumming bass that gets you moving to the rhythm. This is met by a burst of sound that is all alternative rock goodness. Biku’s vocals have an engaging vibe to them as they slink across your skin. You can almost hear the smirk on his lips as you listen to him sing while falling further under his vocal spell. The pulses of guitars later in the track make you want to jump around and go a little crazy as they sear through you.

The title track ‘Kombucha’ has a very different vibe with a touch of retro tones. There is a rock and roll edge to the track that gets your muscles jumping to the sound. The vocals also bring a slightly retro vibe to the single while the lyrics are the contemporary edge needed to bring everything into the modern world. The pace of the track is infectious as you want to shut out the lyrics with the band. Overall, this is a really fun track that you can dance with your friends to or blast from your car to let loose.

The EP comes to a close with a softer tone in ‘Malibu’. The acoustic guitar is light and delicate after the rock hits of the last two tracks. The vocals also have a soft rock feeling to them like you are on the beach and feeling the sun warming your skin. There is an almost wistful feeling to the track while the guitars pluck at your heartstrings. The soothing flow of the music really showcases the versatility of the band after the blistering tones of the last track.

Kin-Kachow are hitting the ground running with their debut EP Kombucha. Through the three tracks of the EP, they showcase blistering rock tones, bluesy beats and easy mellow vibes. The different approaches to each song highlight their musicality and leave you excited for what their full album will bring.

Find out more about Kin-Kachow on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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