La Palma – Infinite Bounce (2020)

Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon are the musical duo behind La Palma. Based in different cities, they have been using a correspondence-style method of creating music from the start. This passing back and forth of sound has created their uniquely textured compositions. Their latest single ‘Infinite Bounce’ continues this lush and vibrant kaleidoscope of music.

The single is all about searching for resilience in this uncertain time. The energetic tone of the track is a well of positive emotion and compassion as the song looks at humanities ability to bounce back and survive to create a more positive future. There are a few styles used throughout the song that mirrors the mercurial nature of the world.

‘Infinite Bounce’ lives up to the title with a bouncing melody that makes you want to move. There are layers to the melody as you have the steady beat with twinkling chimes floating over it. At first, there is a very psychedelic vibe to the melody, but this transforms into something more intimate. This is an interesting representation of the bubbling and moving external moods compared to the internal moods of the current moment.

The vocal performance on the track has a haziness to it that compounds the deeply textured melody. While the vocals have an airy feeling to them, depth is added through the lyrics. Lyrically, you are taken through a search both alone and with others for positive emotions. As you progress along the search, the vocals move away from the dreamy vibes and hit a more folk note. The inclusion of sound samples such as bird and children completes this intricate musical tapestry.

La Palma uses richly textured melodies and varying vocal styles to search for humanities resilience in ‘infinite Bounce’. While the song begins with a bouncing melody, there is more to this single than first meets the ear. As you travel along the soundscape, you work with the band to search for positive emotions and survival.

Find out more about La Palma on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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