Orchard – Universal Sigh (2020)

Indie-rock band Orchard is looking to make a serious statement of intent with their debut single ‘Universal Sigh’. The band created a buzz in their hometown before everything was locked down. With the release of the single, they are looking to continue this and sweep new fans into their sound.

Frontman Tom Harley describes the single as a shakedown song which is lyrically like a set of instructions for him and others. The inspiration for the track was frustration and the feeling that you are not getting through to someone close to you. Through their sweeping soundscapes, the band has created a letter of emotions in an unaddressed envelope.

‘Universal Sigh’ hits you with an epic melody from the first second. There is a driving rhythm to the song that builds up your emotions in a steady way. This is a great mirror of the frustration that builds up in the situation the lyrics portray. The melody has a few layers to it that sweep across you and create a depth of emotions for you to work through.

As the melody plays with your emotions, Harley’s vocals soar over you. His performance is soaring while grounded at the same time. He flies over you before bringing you back to ground with the lyrics and a more sombre tone. His control over his performance is amazing and combines perfectly with the harmonisations that create this atmospheric tone. The serious nature of the song is not undermined by any aspect of the song because it has all been so skilfully arranged.

Orchard builds up frustration before releasing it in their atmospheric single ‘Universal Sigh’. The song is perfectly arranged to balance the soaring soundscape with the grounded subject matter. With this being their debut single, it will be interesting to see what they could do to top it.

Find out more about Orchard on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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