Lara Eidi – On My Way Home (2020)

Finding your way home regardless of where you might be wandering is the basis of Lara Eidi’s single ‘On My Way Home’. The song was written and performed with her band in December but has been revitalised for a lockdown edition. Looking at the search for a sense of belonging and knowing that those who wander are not lost, the single helps you find your way home.

Collaborating with fellow musicians in Athens and London, Eidi has created a song that is poignant and hits home. The accompanying music video is a showcase of lockdown video ingenuity and what, for many musicians, has become the new normal.

‘On My Way Home’ has this driving piano opening that gets you into the track. Eidi’s vocals are light and smooth. This creates a wonderful layer over the piano melody. The harmonisations are beautiful and work perfectly with the lyrics. There is something light about this single that gives you seriously good vibes.

While the vocals draw you into the single and help you get lost, the melody forms this soft foundation. Most of the melody is driven by the piano, but there are other tones that come in add a richness to the music. There is this great bass beat that bounces through you while the accordion floats against your ears.

The accompanying music video is a lot of fun to watch. It uses the new classic lockdown form of concerts. Each musician does their part in the comfort of their home and it is all combined in an easy to consume format. You get to watch everyone play their instrument or sing and it is really engaging. It is like seeing them live but from the comfort of your chair.

Lara Eidi helps you find a sense of belonging and realise that those who wander are not lost with ‘On My Way Home’. This lockdown version of the single is stripped-back and gentle on the ear. The music video is fun to watch as you get to see each musician do what they do best.

Find out more about Lara Eidi on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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