Laura Mustard – Eager (2020)

You probably remember when Laura Mustard left you feeling at peace with her folk-pop single ‘Nobody’s Road’ earlier this year. She is back with her second single off her upcoming EP Treehouse. This time, she is combining her tongue-in-cheek songwriting with some Motown influences to create the light-hearted ‘Eager’.

Teaming up again with producer Ben Bishop, Mustard has unleashed a track all about celebrating your mistakes. While the song took root during a moment of disappointment for Mustard, the positive message and upbeat production are incredibly fun and moving.

‘Eager’ has an opening that reminds me a little of The Temptations and it leads to this really groovy melody. You can hear the Motown influence in the melody, but this does not overpower the sound that is essentially Laura Mustard. The melody has this bouncy beat to it that is fun to listen to. The harmonica that threads through moments of the song just adds a little something to it.

Mustard’s vocals are as upbeat as the melody and add to the feel-good tone of the track. While her performance is jubilant, there is a smoothness to it that makes it easy to listen to. There is also a playful tone to her vocals that link perfectly with the lyrics. Lyrically, there is this delightful hint of mischief to the song that makes you think of happy days.

Laura Mustard shares an upbeat celebration of mistakes with her Motown-infused single ‘Eager’. This single is fun to listen to and has this wonderfully endearing vibe to it that makes it an instant addition to any playlist. There is a playful look at mistakes that bolsters self-acceptance.

Find out more about Laura Mustard on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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