Lauren Nikohl – Grateful For This Day (2020)

We are all feeling the effects of a hard day, week, month or year. While the doom and gloom of the present are enough to make you sad, ‘Grateful for this Day’ by Lauren Nikohl will pick you up. The upbeat single fills you with positive vibes as it looks at all the little things we have to be grateful for, even in the current climate.

Written after a hard day, she uses positive lyrics to encourage you to look for the little joys of life and appreciate what they have to offer. While Nikohl has only officially been a musician since 2015, she has honed her ability to infuse emotions into each note while bringing a sense of social awareness. If you are feeling a little down, she fills you with an awareness of the present and the good bits of life.

The light vibes of ‘Grateful for this Day’ grab you in the opening which has this wonderful deep bassline with higher piano notes hovering over it. Nikohl’s vocals come in like a gentle breeze full of light and bright colours. There is something very peaceful about her performance as it lightly dances around you. You really can’t help but smile as you listen and start to feel lighter. There is a flow to her performance that draws you in and you can’t get enough of it.

Below her catchy performance is an equally engaging melody. The tempo of the melody enhances the vibes of the vocals from pumping in the good energy to a smooth meditation. Together, the vocals and melody make you think about having a good time in the sun and just appreciating all the little things in life.

Lauren Nikohl pumps you full of good vibes and helps you look at the bright side with ‘Grateful for this Day’. Her vocals are engaging and you can’t help but smile while listening. The melody flows through you and leaves you feeling light and ready to appreciate the good things in life.

Find out more about Lauren Nikohl on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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