Richard – Steady (2020)

After eight months, Richard is back with his new single ‘Steady’. Like many of us, Richard has been inundated by everything 2020 leading to the break between singles. To get us feeling a little more positive about life, he is letting us know that it is possible to get back to a place of peace after all this chaos. While this might not seem possible, the single fills you with good vibes and the sense that things can get better.

Since his first EP in 2018, Richard has been capturing the hearts of music lovers around the world. Using a magnetic blend of urban pop and rap, he forms a whirlwind of atmospheric sounds.

‘Steady’ has a powerful start full of synths and vocals that hit you upside the head. The pulsing synths pound against your chest and combine with the deep beats to surround you in a thick soundscape. The lighter synths notes create some of the good vibes of the song. The melody is utterly captivating and completely swarms you to enclose you in Richard’s sound. As you are covered by the sound, you are steadily led down the song by the rhythm.

Richard’s vocals are introduced at the start of the song as a middle layer hum. This picks up as the single progresses and acts as a thread through the thick soundscape. His performance is a grounding presence within the intense melody that hooks you and draws you through the sound. The lyrics of the track are really engaging as they push a message of getting back to a place of peace.

Richard fills you with good vibes while surrounding you with a rich and thick soundscape in ‘Steady’. The single combines his smooth vocals with a powerful synth-driven melody that surrounds you and gets you lost in the rhythm.

Find out more about Richard on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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