Catching Arrows – Locked In (2021)

Formed in 2017 by the Young Performers Club for their summer showcase series, Catching Arrows has a bond and sound incomparable to many other pop-rock bands. Still in their teens, the US-based foursome proves that youth does not mean immaturity with their polished tunes. Since their debut release in 2019, the female-fronted group has featured on Sinusoidal Music and various playlists. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Locked In’.

Following their debut track ‘Lost In The Stars’, ‘Locked In’ has an upbeat and hard-hitting pop-rock meets alt-rock quality. Written during the Covid-19 lockdown via Zoom, the lads and lady dealt with feelings of isolation through their songwriting. The aim of the song creation was to connect with friends and bandmates, but the result is so much more than that. Connecting with listeners on a personal level, the lyricism touches on global feelings of anxiety, isolation and fear; however, there is hopefulness in ‘Locked In’ as it captures the power of collectiveness during this time.

While the sharing of lyrics certainly shows depth, there is a strong melody that far surpasses the band members ages. Combining pounding drums with dynamic guitars, the arrangement is flowing, textured and soothing in its rock-influenced sound. Reminiscent of Paramore, but with more innocence and vulnerability, singer Ava Gaudin executes the profound lyrics in a bold, rich and tender way. I am by no means denying the outstanding musical talent of Nick Yee, Cameron Fox Matthew Hebert or Cameron Herbert, but merely want to reiterate the effortless melodic fusion.

I know I go on about Catching Arrows’ age, but the fact that these teenagers present such sophistication in their music is gob-smacking. Sentimental, sincere, genuine and tender, Catching Arrows show their enthusiasm for music in ‘Locked In’.

For more from Catching Arrows check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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