Tiny – On My Mind (2020)

Tiny is taking a trip back to her roots alongside her long-time friend AMELA in ‘On My Mind’. The single combines intimate and heartfelt lyrics, AMELA’s killer performance and electronic future bass for a soundscape that you will not forget any time soon. Her first official release in 10 years, Tiny is back with a vengeance and showcases every bit of musical mastery she has to offer.

The single was produced almost a year ago, but Tiny felt it did not suit her as an artist. This is where AMELA came in and rewrote the entire top line. The excitement and energy they felt creating the single has been infused into each note and gets pumped directly into your veins.

‘On My Mind’ has an expansive opening that fills your mind with a sense of possibilities. There is a stop-start vibe to the almost ambient melody that gives it an interesting edge. This turns into a melody that is full of pounding sounds that grab your shoulders and make them move to the beat. The layers of the melody meld together to form an intense soundscape that builds up along the verses to punch through on the chorus. There is a lot of punch resting in the melody that subtly hits out without overwhelming the vocals.

AMELA’s vocals are a soft layer gently draped over the electronic melody. There is an intimate feeling to her performance as she draws you into the heartfelt lyrics. The flow of her performance is a great counter to the melody with its hard-hitting bass and drums. There is a wonderful energy infused into each note of the track allowing you to feel the excitement and passion they both have for what they do.

Tiny teams up with AMELA for an energetic yet intimate sound full of pulsing synths and heartfelt lyrics in ‘On My Mind’. The melody packs a punch that is built up over the verses to break out on the chorus. The vocal performance is light yet carries as many energetic vibes as the melody for an enjoyable combination.

Find out more about Tiny on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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