Linda – Losing My Mind (2021)

Dating and romance are considered by many as an important part of one’s life. To find that significant other, fall in love and make a life with them tends to be the plan, but it’s not that simple. When you’re young you are happy with carefree, whimsicalness, but when you’re a little older people want something more stable working on mutual interests, life goals (basically being an adult). In her latest single ‘Losing My Mind’, Linda stands up and tells us exactly what she thinks about relationships – talk about a strong, independent woman.

Influenced by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Dionne Warwick and Earth, Wind & Fire, Linda brings a unique funk meets pop sound to her listeners. Featured on Pop Fad, Roadie Music, Rising Artists Blog and various online radio stations, the Budapest-based singer-songwriter is building a strong following across the globe. With her music producer and multi-instrumentalist Abel Mihalik, Linda continues to ensnare our senses with some new music.

Following her hushed pop single ‘Best Friend’ (read our review here), ‘Losing My Mind’ incorporates a funky, soulful sound showcasing her versatility. The influence of old-school funk bands like Earth, Wind & Fire is highly evident in this song; however, there is a distinct power in her bold vocals. Combining pounding drums with the soothing guitars, Mihalik creates a warm pool in which he throws you headfirst, but it’s a good feeling. Filling your mind and soul with comforting music, this toe-tapping song is a sonic representation of happy times.

Taken from her upcoming album Trip To Myself, Linda’s ‘Losing My Mind’ uses a personal narrative to connect with listeners in an evocative way. It’s about empowerment, hopefulness and an “I don’t have time for your nonsense” attitude but in the sweetest way possible. Linda shares that “‘Losing My Mind’ is about my dating fails. I can’t handle men who can’t make decisions or grow up. This song is for those people who can’t decide what they want to eat or drink, where to travel, or what they expect from a relationship…So, instead of arguing with those people or losing my mind I just leave ‘you’ll find me downtown in the club shaking my sexy booty.” Personally, I think that’s pretty awesome, as is her latest song! Let’s lose our mind with Linda as she shakes her booty and gets us doing the same.

For more from Linda check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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