A Chat with Bucky Shorts (28.10.20)

Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Bucky Shorts is a singer, songwriter and can play a few instruments to boot. Being a prominent part of the Nashville music scene for over a decade, Bucky has built a reputation for his engaging, energetic and passionate sound. We speak with him about his new EP Longing, favourite smells and future plans.

OSR: What can you tell us about your EP Longing?

Bucky Shorts: Longing is a collection of songs I’ve been tinkering with since my last EP Finally. Some songs are several years old and some are very new. I spent a lot of time sequencing the tracks and I didn’t want any filler; I wanted to get straight to it and I hope that comes across.

OSR: Did you face any challenges during the writing and recording process?

Bucky Shorts: Mainly just challenges with myself! Any artistic endeavour requires a certain amount of pushing through – pushing through fear, doubts about your abilities, will people “get” this, is this good enough, etc.

OSR: Which is your favourite track from Longing?

Bucky Shorts: I don’t really have a favourite, but I’d say the title track is the most straight to the point and catchy.

OSR: What about your least favourite track?

Bucky Shorts: I like ’em all! I don’t have one.

OSR: If you could change anything about Longing what would it be?

Bucky Shorts: I’d have more friends play on it and record it all together in one room at the same time. My friend Steven Dayvid McKellar (of the band Civil Twilight) helped me out on ‘Naked’ – he played bass for that. Other than that I recorded all the parts and voices and mixed it myself and pieced it together like a puzzle. I like working that way but its tedious and nothing beats playing with other musicians; that’s a goal of mine for next time.

OSR: According to your press release you have dabbled in all sorts of areas ranging from coffee roasting to film photography and painting. Do you believe having various hobbies is important and why or why not?

Bucky Shorts: Absolutely, I’m all over the place with my interests. I try to follow my curiosity in whatever way I can; I think it’s really important. It kind of gives me perspective on the main thing I’m working on, which in this case is music.  It’s good to have somewhere else to go when you get stuck.

OSR: What is the most enjoyable film you have seen to date?

Bucky Shorts: I love this question! We’ve watched a lot since quarantine. All time favourite is hard to say, maybe The Verdict? I love courtroom dramas. 😄 I also really loved Uncut Gems – that was gripping.

Bucky Shorts press shot

OSR: What is your favourite smell?

Bucky Shorts: I love this question too! Hmmm, I have lots. Home cooking of any sort is a must. Have you ever burned frankincense? It’s a sap and when you burn it gives off this really rich, deep small that I love – that’s definitely one of my favourite smells. Also, just good old-fashioned clean outdoor air.

OSR: What lessons have you learned from your time in the music industry?

Bucky Shorts: Make what you like making.

OSR: How would you describe your music?

Bucky Shorts: I’d say soft rock with a twist.

OSR: Do you have any message for your fans and potential fans?

Bucky Shorts: Thanks for listening to this new record. I hope it brings comfort and enjoyment.

Thanks to Bucky Shorts for chatting with us. Find out more about him on his official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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