Loulita Gill – Heaven is Holding You (2022)

Losing a loved one can be devastating and moving through the pain and grief can often seem impossible. Fortunately, Loulita Gill is here to offer the comfort and reassurance you need in ‘Heaven is Holding You’. Drawing on her own experience of loss, pain and grief, she honours the dark emotions we feel, while offering comfort and a sense of hope for the future.

With a classical production and clever instrumentation, she reinforces the notion that while loss is devastating, it is not forever. Since she started releasing music in 2018, Gill has released two albums and a string of singles that have seen her receive wide acclaim from the music industry. While touring with a full band, she weaves the message of hope into all her songs, to those who need to hear it.

The tender tones of the piano line that opens ‘Heaven is Holding You’ reaches into your chest to tug at your emotions. While gentle and tender, it is a very emotive opening using the expressive powers of the piano. There is a deep well of pain and grief woven into the music that hits really hard. As the single continues, the rise of rich strings bring a light at the end of the pain-filled tunnel. It is a very subtle movement that carefully chases away the darkness without reducing its impact on you. The melody does have a classic touch to the movement through the strings and the way the piano melds with them. This movement is wrapped in powerful ballad tones that rises and rises toward the end of the single.

While the melody brings pain and grief only to lead you to hope, the vocals add the real emotional hits. Through the opening verse, Gill brings the emptiness of loss and the bone-deep pain that comes with grief. Her voice is powerful as she draws emotions from your chest to well in your throat. As the strings enter the melody, her performance looks at being reunited with lost loved ones eventually. The lyrics are delicate in their handling of grief and the process of moving on, while keeping the person you have lost with you. In the latter parts of the single, she brings forward the notion that while the grief can feel overwhelming right now, it will not be that way forever and losing someone doesn’t mean they are not with you.

Loulita Gill tugs at your emotions with a delicate yet powerful movement as she deals with pain, grief and moving forward in ‘Heaven is Holding You’. The piano-driven melody lays the foundations for the emotive vocals to capture your senses. Her performance is deeply touching as she brings pain, grief, feeling overwhelmed and finding solace together.

Find out more about Loulita Gill on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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