Lovisa Linde – Circles (2020)

Lovisa Linde is a singer-songwriter from Sweden and joined by her band of best friends. Linde went to school with guitarist Emil Lindel-Johansson who knew drummer Matteus Willysson. Bassist Nils Stenholm was recommended by mutual friends and finished off the line-up. Together they have been making music since 2017 when Linde’s debut EP Colder was released. They are set to continue amazing with their latest single ‘Circles’.

The track is their contribution to diminishing the stigma around depression and mental health. It deals with the feeling of being stuck or going around in circles. The ups and downs that come with thinking too much and loneliness are also looked at in the song.

‘Circles’ sets the tone with a soft acoustic guitar opening. There are lightly piercing tones that come and go in the melody that gently create a rise and fall to the song. While more layers are added to the melody, it never becomes overwhelming and continues to be the light foundation of the single. This works so well with Linde’s vocals and the overall subject of the track.

The vocal performance on the track is wonderfully intimate and truly captivating. Linde is able to draw you into her emotions whether it is depression or the finding of light at the end of the tunnel. While her vocals start off as lightly as the melody, she soon soars above with a commanding and powerful display. What is so wonderful about her performance is how effortless it all seems which adds a personable touch to the song. It feels like she is talking to you alone.

Lovisa Linde commands your attention with the deeply intimate and introspective ‘Circles’. The song is gentle on the ears and deeply emotional. It is a memorable track that will stick with you for a long time.

Find out more about Lovisa Linde on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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