A Place In Between – Breathe (2021)

Hovering somewhere between dream-pop, post-rock and shoegaze, ‘Breathe’ by A Place In Between, brings a moody feeling to our ears. The single showcases the band’s ability to balance their loud rock tones with an ethereal shoegaze haze. All of this wraps around you and sinks talons into your brain, while keeping you endlessly hooked to their unique blend of sound.

Having started out in 2020 as a studio project, the band has evolved into something much bigger than first anticipated. Guitarists Thomas Francot and Gert Stockmans created the project and pulled drummer Ruben Vandael and vocalist Sam Coussens in for their debut single. The same line-up comes together again for this track that reaches out with hazy tendrils to trap you in the band’s sound.

‘Breathe’ builds a progressive opening through the guitar tones. There is a wonderful rising vibe to the music that lifts your spirits and has you feeling like you are seeing the dawn break. The guitars are really wonderful to listen to as they form the air currents that the wings of the drums catch on to soar through the soundscape. The music drops for a gentle glide as you spiral on the currents, down to earth with a tender and delicate touch. The title for this track is apt as it helps you breathe easier by lifting stresses off your chest and setting them to drift on the wind. It is almost impossible to listen to this song and not feel yourself falling into a meditative state of relaxation. Even when the guitars start to push with a more rock tone, the lulling effect of the music remains.

The instrumentation is by far the most important aspect of the single which is not entirely surprising. This does not mean that the vocals should be ignored. They call out over the melody like a soaring chant that unleashes the hooks of negativity from your chest and sends them into the winds of the music. The rise of the vocals is like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds and adds another layer of tenderness to the single. While there is a touch of moodiness to the music, the deep breaths the vocals pull from you have you relaxing again.

A Place In Between has you relaxing and soaring on the wings of their instrumentation, while letting go of negativity with ‘Breathe’. The melody is what really hooks you to the single as it plays the biggest role in the movement and sound. The vocals are a light touch that enhances the relaxed vibes of the music and helps you let go of negative emotions.

Find out more about A Place In Between on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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