Sydney Irving – Relax with Fiends (2021)

Young Sydney Irving is back with her fifth EP Relax with Fiends. Through the three tracks of the EP, she brings the wonderful feeling of a fresh start, strips down a melody for a country-style love song and asks some serious questions. Each track is unique and showcases what Irving has to offer.

While she is only 17, Irving has already carved a name for herself as a singer-songwriter to watch. With her original music, she has captured the ears of many listeners and was named the young adult artist of the year 2020 by the International Singer-Songwriter association. After releasing her debut album at 14, she has been moving from strength to strength.

The EP opens with the lead single ‘Rain’ which symbolises fresh starts. The song gets your attention from the first second with a seriously enthralling guitar line. There is a touch of old school rock-n-roll to the melody that has been carefully woven into something a little more modern. Irving’s vocals have a maturity to them that belies her age. There is a subtle power resting in her performance at the start of the track which comes into its own on the chorus. As you ride the pulses of the chorus, you are filled with the potential of a fresh start.

‘What Have You Done’ continues the rock vibes of the opening track, but brings a more grounded feeling with it. There is a seriously toe-tapping beat to the melody that you get swept up in. The rolling of the melody is a little at odds with the melodic flow of the vocals which are so smooth. On the chorus, her performance rises as she starts to question what has been done. There is a really fresh feeling to this song that rises inside your chest.

The EP comes to a close with ‘All I Need Is You’ which takes a country turn. The stripped-back melody is a change from the other songs on the EP and showcases Irving’s versatility. The delicate higher tones that pluck against the strum of the guitar add a little something to the track. This track has a yearning woven between the deep affection you feel for someone. There is a touching honesty to the song that sinks into your soul and has you wishing that you had someone who felt this depth of emotion for you.

Sydney Irving uses the three tracks of Relax with Fiends to showcase everything she has to offer. With subtle old-school rock stylings and a stripped-back country-style tone on ‘All I Need Is You’, she shines with musical versatility and prowess. Her powerful vocals have a maturity beyond her years as she fills you with the emotions of the tracks.

Find out more about Sydney Irving on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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