Lucrezia – Reaping What You Sow (2021)

The sorrow that comes after a relationship breaks down can be hard to overcome. This is the basis of ‘Reaping What You Sow’ by Lucrezia who narrates the tough process of dealing with these negative emotions. Blending her velveteen vocals with a melodic fusion of soul, RnB and Latin, Lucrezia draws you out of post-breakup sadness and onto the path of happiness.

The single continues her intriguing sound that brings Latin flair to classical piano and sweeping atmospheres. With a unique vocal style that is graceful and warm, Lucrezia draws on a wide range of influences to craft beautiful soundscapes. Her bending of English and Italian vocals adds a new dimension to her music that enhances its unique and compelling edge.

‘Reaping What You Sow’ draws you in with a deep soundscape that rings with rich depths. The classical piano notes form the base of the melody while electronic tones skitter over. The combination of classical organic tones and modern electronic notes is amazing. When the guitar enters, it brings a flamenco flair that dances between the electronic beats. It is an utterly stunning melody that is rich and artfully blended. Each line of instrumentation brings its own flow to the song only to come together for a solid movement.

Flying out over the rich melody are Lucrezia’s velveteen vocals. There is a soft and almost breathy feeling to her performance that brings a tenderness to the single. Her performance tugs at your heartstrings as she fills your veins with the heartache and sadness of a breakup. There is a rich RnB vibe to her vocals which is bolstered by the backing vocals. The harmonisations are beautiful as they swell and flutter against her main vocal line. Through the single, she delves deep into the loneliness and heartache of the moment only to offer a glimpse of light through the guitar and piano solos.

Lucrezia fills your heart with the loneliness and sorrow of heartache before offering a glimmer of hope through richly blended tones of ‘Reaping What You Sow’. The melody is a perfect combination of flamenco guitars, classical piano and electronic RnB notes. Lucrezia’s vocals slide over the melody for a heartbreaking performance that dives into the pain of a breakup before lightly turning your attention to a sense of hope for the future.

Find out more about Lucrezia on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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