Paul Farrin – Two Hearts (2021)

Are you in the mood for a song that catches you in the bassline and leads you with the beats straight to the nearest open space to dance? Well, you are in the right place because that is exactly what Paul Farrin offers with ‘Two Hearts’. While the music has you moving to its irresistible beat, the vocals call to a part of you that needs to sing along.

Drawing on a heavy influence of trance and progressive house, the single bounds into something more melodic with a blending of genres. An injection of electronic pop bolsters the catchy vibes creating a banger that will appeal to a lot of listeners. After taking a break from music in the 2000s, Farrin kept himself busy during lockdown by making new music which sparked his passion. Now, he is ready to unleash hit after hit to get you moving.

‘Two Hearts’ grabs your attention with the solid keys and echoing vocals. From the first moment, you can hear the layering of the melody that brings organic and electronic elements together for a moving beat. The dance influence is clear in the deep beats that have you moving to their rhythm. The keys bring some of the pop sensibilities to form a more melodic line against the infectious dance beats. As the single progresses, the keys join the dance party with a catchy line that has your shoulders moving while the rest of your body is captured by the dance beats.

Once you are firmly hooked into the moving vibes of the melody, the vocals bring a new layer to the sound. Leading to the main vocal line are the echoing vocals that are a wonderful contrast to the smooth female vocals. The infectious energy of the melody is a little at odds with the yearning of the vocals. The longing for a loved one to be close is wrapped in a lively energy that brings an almost bittersweet feeling to the track. The tempering of this with the dance beats is wonderful as it offers a great edge to an overall extremely engaging track.

Paul Farrin has you dancing around to the infectious beats of ‘Two Hearts’ while tempering the energy with yearning vocals. The melody is a dancefloor hit that gets your body moving to the rhythm and beats before you can actively decide otherwise. The vocals are a clear line against the moving melody that offers a slightly bittersweet edge to the track.

Find out more about Paul Farrin on his Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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