Monroe Moon – Hark (For Yoko) (2020)

Peace, love and freedom are the sentiments lingering behind the airy sounds of ‘Hark (For Yoko)’ by Monroe Moon. With a pulse of synth-pop, the band has you creeping along their soundscape as the vocals captivate you. An interesting introduction to the band if you have never heard them before, the single captures some of the essence that makes their music so captivating.

While fate might have brought Bunny Monroe (keys, vocals), Theo Malkin (guitar), Austin Ruhstorfer (synths), Tim Strother (drums) and Justin Johnson (bass) together, it is their musical prowess that keeps listeners hooked. Deep, dark and familiar, the band insinuates themselves in your brain and sink to a point where you just can’t shake them off.

‘Hark (For Yoko)’ opens with an unstoppable deep bassline. This line bounds against your chest before the synths ripple over it. The light tones lift you up for a peaceful flow before you tumble into an airy soundscape. There is a translucent feeling to the music like pastel-coloured lights twinkling around you. As the music mists over your skin, it sinks into your brain and enthrals your senses. You can’t stop listening to it and the flow of the music will stay with you long after the single ends.

Monroe’s vocals power through the mists of airy synths and beats. Her vocal performance is as enthralling as the music. She moves from a powerful blast at the start to a light whimsical line. As you float to her performance, you are thrown into an introspective and poetic lyrical structure. There is a feel-good vibe to her vocals that lifts your spirits even as you are asked to choose a side in life.

Monroe Moon mist rolling synths across your skin before powering through your chest with the vocals of ‘Hark (For Yoko)’. The poetic lyricism combines with the layered melody for a rather thought-provoking single. There is something about this single that sticks with you a long time after it has ended.

Find out more about Monroe Moon on their website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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