Coral Caves – Moiroloi (2021)

When Coral Caves covered us with their dark and mournful tones in ‘This Night Love Bleeds’, they gave us a taste of what they had in store for us. They are now continuing their unique musical blending with ‘Moiroloi’ which offers a different take on the sentiments of their last release. Taking a traditional lament and merging it with Greek and Baltic musical traditions, the band puts a modern yet nostalgic spin on things.

While the sentiments of the single are similar to their last, the new approach encapsulates the different ways we all face emotions. There is a universality to the emotional depths of the single that only enhances the unique sound of the band.

‘Moiroloi’ creeps into your senses like the mists off a lake. The horns wrap around you like a silvery shawl while the guitars bring the Baltic influence to the lower levels of the melody. While the music carries a touch of lament and mourning, the arrangement has your mind flying on the waves of memories. There is a really epic feeling to the single that is reminiscent of the great epics of old including The Iliad and Homer’s Odyssey. As the single progresses, there is a soft build-up that leads to the peak of the tale that is beautifully handled.

The depths of the blended soundscape is really the star of this single. However, that does not mean that you should not keep your ear on the vocals. The spoken word performance adds to the mystic of the track while drawing you into the epic feeling. The recitation of the lyrics adds power to the words and the emotions they invoke. It is a rather heady experience that is an absolute pleasure. For the time of the single, you are transported to a different world where you can fully embrace emotion while letting the music wash through your soul.

Coral Caves enthrals and pulls you under their hypnotic spell with the beautiful tones of ‘Moiroloi’. The music is the star of the track as it sweeps through your senses and draws you into an epic and emotional journey. The power of the spoken-word vocals hits through you like the great tales of the past.

Find out more about Coral Caves on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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