Luna Kat – What’s Love (2021)

There are some people who come into our lives who are not good for us. This often ends in bad relationships and toxic emotions that we need to work through. This is what Luna Kat is doing with her debut single ‘What’s Love’. Through the blend of pop and RnB, she brings the push and pull we have with toxic people to life.

With this debut single, Luna Kat is telling the world what she is about and getting us ready for what else she has in store. Drawing on inspiration from the global music scene and art, she blends genres for a unique sound. Bringing the chill vibes of lo-fi to the power of pop and RnB, she artfully mixes elements for an unforgettable tone.

‘What’s Love’ opens with a start-stop feeling that grabs your attention and pulls you further into the single. This feeling continues until the beats roll in and jitter against your ears. There are interesting layers to the single as each instrument line slides through the soundscape before meeting and bouncing off each other. There is a softness to the melody that has you riding a reflective vibe. That stop-start movement is really wonderful as it continues throughout the track and brings the push and pull of relationships to sonic life.

Luna Kat’s vocals are smooth and light as she dances over the music. The smoothness of her performance is a delightful combination of RnB and pop. As you slide along her vocals, the lyrics drop you into a bad relationship and all the emotions that this brings. It is a very mature single that masterfully brings heavy emotions through a rather light soundscape. The lightness of the music and the depth of the emotions play against each other wonderfully and leave you sinking further into a contemplative state of mind.

Luna Kat uses interesting melodic devices and light vocals to bring the push and pull of bad relationships to life in ‘What’s Love’. As a debut single, it really sets the bar for what is to come. The artistry of the melodic layering and the leading quality of the vocals have an amazing maturity to them that gets you hooked.

Find out more about Luna Kat on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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