Thehighwaystory – No Pressure (2021)

Thehighwaystory is taking all the music he grew up on and throwing it into the entirely too engaging melting pot of ‘No Pressure’. From the blasting tones of pop-punk to the captivating beats of hip-hop and trap, the single is an amalgamation of everything many of us grew up listening to. This all comes together with a touch of nostalgia and a freshness that breathes a new life into the music.

This embodiment of influences comes from Tobi, who is the sole man behind the story. Having only recently started recording and releasing music, he is sure to engage you and draw you into a very different listening experience. If you are in the mood for a single that is both refreshing in its modernity yet riding a nostalgic vibe, this is definitely the track to check out.

‘No Pressure’ uses a progressive opening to pull you in with a decidedly pop-punk feeling to the melody. The guitars thrum through your chest and make you want to vibrate with them. There is a good touch of nostalgia in the melody, but there is this blasting thread of modernity that is wonderful to hear. When the hip-hop and trap influences hit they meld so perfectly with the rock tones. It is a real delight to listen to as the influences of the track are clear on their own but work so well together. You can so easily get lost in the track and the melody really makes you want to turn the volume up.

The blended tones of the melody come through on the vocals as well. There is a rock vibe to the vocals as they effortlessly pull you into the single. The lyrics are relatable as they take on the pressure that everyone feels at some point. The ambiguity over what the pressure is makes the single even easier for any listener to connect with. When the trap beats make their appearance, the vocals twist to match their movement with a light touch of rap-rock.

Theghighwaystory vibrates through your chest with blended influences, relatable lyrics and pure enjoyable energy with ‘No Pressure’. While there is a nostalgic vibe as the different influences make an appearance, this gives way to modern energy that is so enjoyable. This is a single that you can easily add to the top of your favourite playlist and listen to on repeat.

Find out more about Thehighwaystory on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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