Eric Vattima – Friends (2020)

If you are looking for a single that captures the fears and aggressive sentiments you are feeling right now, look no further. Eric Vattima has you covered with his latest single ‘Friends’ written and recorded with Matt Wagner (MNERVA). The single expresses the frustrations of discovering who your true friends are and mixes it with the anxiety the current world situation has thrown everyone into. The mood that many people feel at the moment is perfectly captured in the song.

When creating the single, the pair looked to capture the thoughts and emotions they had been carrying through the pandemic. Starting out as a discussion about not knowing who your true friends were, it morphed in their feelings and how this affects where they go from there.

‘Friends’ draws you in with Vattima’s paced rap vocals. There is a great flow to his rap while he pumps you full of the aggressive frustration many people feel right now. The lyrics are relatable as they highlight all the things that frustrate you during the pandemic. Through his performance, you are also filled with a sense that those you thought you could rely on are no longer there for various reasons. There are a lot of emotions that get pumped into your system through the vocals including anxiety of the future, frustration at the actions of others and a simmering aggression.

Below the engaging and relatable vocals is a steady melody. While relatively minimal, the melody has a light touch to it. This lighter tone floating from the depths of the single adds a different dimension to the song. The pounding beats form a solid foundation for the vocals and take a swing close to the end of the track to offer you a sense of hope.

Eric Vattima creates a soundtrack for the frustration, aggravation, anxiety and glimmer of hope that people are feeling right now in ‘Friends’. The smooth and paced rap vocals pump you full of emotion while connecting with every feeling you have endured during the pandemic. The single offers a catharsis and lets you go feeling a sense of hope.

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