Annika Jayne – The Eagle Flies Alone (2020)

Annika Jayne soothed us with her single ‘Praying Hands’ and now she is drawing us back into her smooth sound with ‘The Eagle Flies Alone’. As with all her music, the single has a personal foundation as she addresses a girl within the lyrics. While she was thinking about herself when she wrote the track, there is something encompassing about the song that makes it more relatable.

The single was written for everyone who is different and is bullied because of this. It reminds us that we all have a special talent that makes us who we are. If this is what makes us different, there is nothing wrong with that. Using her gentle vocals, Jayne helps you spread your wings and fly to your own tune.

The soft guitar opening sets the light tone of ‘The Eagle Flies Alone’. You are then drawn into the address to the girl of the song. There is a haunting and sad tone to this song that causes a well of emotion as you listen. This is enhanced by Jayne’s emotive performance as you hear the pain within her voice. The instruments add to the melancholic tone of the track as they haunt the lower layers of the song.

While there is a sadness to the track, there is also a message of hope. Jayne lets you know that you can get over what people say about you and fly above them. In particular, the chorus lets you know that things are okay and that going on your own path is not a bad thing. The analogy of ravens and eagles is wonderful and so poignant that it gives you goosebumps.

Annika Jayne helps you move on and fly to your own rhythm with her single ‘The Eagle Flies Alone’. The captivating single uses analogies to let you know that being different is not bad and that you can fly on your own.

Find out more about Annika Jayne on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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