Massimo Pericolo – Instintos Fallidos (2020)

There is no relationship that does not have issues whether big or small. Massimo Pericolo takes on the feeling you face when you want to solve every little issue that surfaces in his new single ‘Instintos Fallidos’. It considers the intensity that overcomes you when you consider all the options and the need to use your instincts instead. However, the twist that sometimes your instincts fail is also encapsulated in the single.

The infinite echo chamber of thoughts these moments cause is perfectly portrayed in the single’s soundscape. Pericolo (vocals, guitar) is joined by Max Esquivel (bass) and Jose Maria Rico (percussion) to form these emotions. Using layered melodies and instrumental intricacies, they take you on a journey through the human mind.

The folky start of ‘Instintos Fallidos’ has this plucky vibe which is enhanced by its stop-start nature. The plucky melody gives way to something much smoother just before the vocals hit. There is a movement in the melody that you can’t help but be drawn into. It builds in intensity as the song progresses and you are taken through the emotions of the single. The electric guitar riff comes almost out of nowhere but is a great addition that is utterly captivating.

The vocals are in Spanish, but the emotions of the track transcend any language barrier. You can hear a sense of pleading for things to get better in the performance. There is also a sense of exploration in the vocals as you are taken through all the options of making things better. The modulation of the performance is wonderful and this will make you want to sing along even if you have no knowledge of the language.

Massimo Pericolo takes you on an emotional journey through the human mind in ‘Instintos Fallidos’. While the song is in Spanish, the vocal performance is emotive and the melody colourful in a way that you don’t need to understand what they are saying to get the meaning. There is something deep within this single that hits you and draws you in.

Find out more about Massimo Pericolo on his Instagram and Spotify.

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