Matthew Donovan – Séance (2020)

Matthew Donovan has collaborated with Julie Hicklin (vocals) to take you on a journey into the beyond. The new single ‘Séance’ looks at yearning for a lover who is in the afterlife. On the other side, the spirit is seeking love from the living and wants to draw them into the afterlife. The coaxing and guiding of spirits fills the single with an atmospheric and otherworldly vibe.

This sonic experience is created through a combination of orchestral elements and sweeping melodies. The original version of this single was recorded years ago. Now, Donovan has dusted off the original recordings and finished the production for an atmospheric journey.

The opening of ‘Séance’ sets the otherworldly vibes of the track. The sweeping notes create a swirling soundscape that turns into a light yet otherworldly melody. There is something about the melody that makes you think of curling smoke and floating. The driving beats on the chorus push through the searching sensation of the lyrics and vocals. The multiple layers of the melody meld together to form this thread through to the afterlife that a spirit can fly across.

The otherworldly vibes of the track are enhanced by Hicklin’s vocals. There is a softness to her performance that has an underlying tone of creepiness. You can hear her drawing you into something that you might not fully understand. The orchestral lines of the melody later in the single add to the vibe of the vocals. The combination of her voice and the melody creates this perfect single that leaves you feeling like you have had an encounter with something not quite of this realm.

Matthew Donovan teams up with Julie Hicklin to take you on the supernatural journey between the living and dead in ‘Séance’. The single is packed with atmospheric melodies, haunting vocals and this otherworldly vibe. You are transported to the afterlife and feel the searching tendrils stretching across.

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