TriPed – Driving With Tears in My Eyes (2020)

Different people have different coping mechanisms for dealing with the issues of life. ‘Driving With Tears in My Eyes’ by TriPed considers going on a long drive to get away from it all. While the single is deeply personal, there is a lot everyone can relate to. After all, we have all felt the need to get away from the issues dragging us down.

The escapism of the single comes through with TriPed’s blended sound which draws on old-school RnB, dance and pop. Written and produced by TriPed, this song has an introspective vibe that gives you a glimpse into the man beneath the music.

The pulsing opening of ‘Driving With Tears in My Eyes’ sets the tone of the single. These notes are like a sonic representation of the street lights flashing past as you drive in the night. The notes build up as the song continues to create a crashing chorus. The melody of this song is relatively minimalistic, but there is also an intricacy to the elements. Each layer of the melody adds something to the overall vibe of the song whether a driving force propelling you through the song or an introspective moment.

TriPed’s vocals are what really keep you hooked to this single. His vocals have a unique tone as he flows through the emotions of the track. He softly enters and draws you into the first steps of dealing with issues. This flows into anguish as he works through whether or not a long drive will actually help with the problems. He has amazing control over his performance as moves from smooth and flowing to a perfect falsetto.

TriPed looks at trying to get away and deal with issues in the smoothly captivating ‘Driving With Tears in My Eyes’. The relatively simple melody allows his vocals to shine. Using his controlled performance, he draws you into driving down the highway and trying to cope.

Find out more about TriPed on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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