M@Y – Can’t Help Myself (2021)

Every day we are faced with temptation both small and large. This is something M@Y understands and has woven into their single ‘Can’t Help Myself’. Using a powerful soundscape, they give in to temptation and unleash the emotions that follow. Through all this, they also bring the understanding that we are all human and can give into temptation regardless of how hard we try not to.

The bold yet sultry sound of the band comes from the brains of Adam Mayorga and Melissa Mezei. The duo met through an online music course and have been merging their styles for a darker yet upbeat indie rock vibe. Through their music, they are taking listeners on an intense journey with sounds that linger in your mind long after they fade from your ears.

‘Can’t Help Myself’ opens with a smooth guitar line that is underlined by the hard beat. There is a mysterious feeling to the melody as it seems to beckon you into the waters of temptation. The horns that darkly call from the depths of the melody merge with the pounding of the drums. It is a very seductive melody that encapsulates feelings of temptation perfectly. It effortlessly draws you closer and closer to the darkness of the soundscape.

Mezei’s vocals call out against the sultry melody with the emotions of feeling the pull of temptation. Her vocals are powerful and only gain more power as the single continues. There is a helplessness at times to her performance as she feels herself giving in. The lyrics wonderfully pick up the thoughts and emotions of feeling the pull of temptation and the urge to give in to it. There is a lot of emotion that comes through the rise and fall of the vocals. As the song progresses, the hooks of the band sink further and further into your skin to draw you into their sound.

M@Y perfectly encapsulate feeling the draw of temptation and the urge to give in with the seductive tones of ‘Can’t Help Myself’. The single effortlessly draws you to the dark waters of temptation while filling you with the emotional turmoil of giving in. The vocals are powerful as they slide through your senses and wrap their silken threads around you.

Find out more about M@Y on their Instagram and Spotify.

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