Mike Stoyanov – Star (2021)

If you need a positivity boost, Mike Stoyanov has just what you need with the punchy and intense vibes of ‘Star’. The single is a feel-good indie rock blast that combines following your heart with being yourself and getting down to his unique sound. Through the track, he lets you know that life is tough and there are a lot of things that can’t be changed but there is no reason to not fight for what you want.

Through the years, Stoyanov has been in a range of bands but the pandemic changed all that. It marked the start of his solo career and the ethos of always following his heart and being unafraid of speaking his mind. With a raw energy that fills you with power, he has you rocking out to his sound wherever you are.

‘Star’ gets you rocking out to Stoyanov’s sound from the first moment. The beats that infiltrate your senses have your head bobbing to his rhythm. The guitar hooks into your brain and draws you into the soundscape with effortless grace. While there is a steady pace, the high-octane energy really hits on the chorus sending you into a spin. There is a stadium feeling to the music that makes you think of it soaring out over a crowd as they jump around and generally get down to the sounds.

Stoyanov’s vocals pick up the energy of the music and toss it to a new level. There is a great melodic flow to his performance that makes you want to sing along. This combines with the in-your-face attitude of his performance that lets you know he doesn’t need to know what other people think about him to have a great time. This melodic aggression is great as it fills you with the strength of his conviction while letting you have an absolute blast.

Mike Stoyanov has you rocking out to his sound while filling you with the confidence to unapologetically be yourself in ‘Star’. The melody builds up to its high-octane power that soars through you like you are in a stadium. His vocals are in-you-face and intense as he lets you know that you don’t have to care what others think and you can soldier through.

Find out more about Mike Stoyanov on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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