Minas – Burner (2021)

There have been a lot of bad vibes throughout the world recently. The simmering feelings of frustration that have led to these vibes are brought to sonic life by Minas in his single ‘Burner’. With some angsty vocals, humming basslines and steady rhythms, he fills you with the brooding tension that brings dissent.

A low-key protest anthem, the single moves his sound closer to that of his debut album which is to be released later this year. With a splash of indignation, he questions authority figures. When he isn’t making his own music, he works as a producer for other artists such as Luke RV and Dan Bettridge.

‘Burner’ opens with an intensity that you can’t help but be drawn to. The humming basslines vibrate through your brain before the shuffling electronic beats get to you. The melody is all simmering tension that shivers across your shoulders. There is a light touch of electronic pop sensibilities on the chorus that gets you moving. However, this drops to those addictive vibrating tones that wonderfully portray the tension that has been resting below the surface for many people. Without a break in the tension of the melody, the single perfectly captures the frustration that many people have been feeling for a really long time.

The atmosphere of the melody allows the angst-soaked vocals to hit harder. There is an electronic edge to Minas’ performance that complements the music. On the chorus, there is a more melodic flow to his rather emo-rap vocals. The lyrics are an interesting mixture of call-outs and metaphors that is a pleasure to listen to. This mixture makes you think about what Minas has to say while filling you with the outrage and indignation that has stoked the bad vibes in the world.

Minas offers a low-key protest song that captures all the issues people have while filling you with the tension of the world in ‘Burner’. The intense melody vibrates through you as the bassline closes in on your brain and builds a wonderful tension. Minas’ vocals have an electronic edge that adds a unique depth to them while letting loose all the resentment people have been feeling.

Find out more about Minas on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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