Mister Clarck – Amours Poussières (2020)

Love can have a dark side that many songs do not tap into. ‘Amours Poussières’ by Mister Clarck is one of those singles that considers love that turns to dust. The darker side of the different forms of love are highlighted in the single which was written after the death of a loved one. Infused with a sense of nostalgia, love and pain, the single lets you know that the darkness will make you stronger.

This single is one off Mister Clarck’s upcoming EP which looks at the different forms of love. The record was inspired by a heart attack when he decided to leave his vision of love to his children. Through this single, you can easily hear what he wants to impart.

‘Amours Poussières’ has a deep rolling synth beat in the opening that thrusts you to the vocals. The lyrics of the track are in French, but Mister Clarck’s vocals are so full of emotion that you don’t need to understand what is being said. You can get a sense of the meaning through his performance. He gently leads you through the verses before turning the power up on the chorus. Even if you do not speak French, you will try to butcher your way through a sing-along on the chorus.

The melody of the track is packed full of electronic notes and autotune. The movement of the music is catchy and does not have the darkness you might expect knowing what the song is about. However, the moving notes do inject a sense that you will be stronger on the other side of your tribulations. This bolsters the emotions infused in the chorus of the track. At the end of the song, you will have this bubble of good feelings in your chest.

Mister Clarck fills you with hope and the sense that love turning to dust will make you stronger with his single ‘Amours Poussières’. While the lyrics are in French, his performance is strong and emotive enough to fill you with the positive vibes. The electronic pop melody bolsters this, particularly on the chorus.

Find out more about Mister Clarck on his Instagram and Spotify.

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