Philip Morgan Lewis – Arise (2020)

Philip Morgan Lewis has teamed up with Jimmy Deer for a hard-hitting single. ‘Arise’ was born out of a chance encounter at an East London speakeasy. With Lewis on vocals and Deer on guitar and bass, you are hit with a catchy single that you cannot get enough of.

Both Lewis and Deer have a lot of experience they are able to draw on for this single. Lewis’ music has been regularly featured on radio and landed him a British Blues Awards nomination. Deer is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has worked with a range of artists from Seal to Wiz Khalifa. If their single alone does not get you into its vibe, the music video just might.

‘Arise’ gets you into the flow of the song from the very first pounding moment. The light vocals have you singing along as the guitar thumps through your head. The deep guitar lines shine in all their rock glory and you can’t help moving your head to the beat. It is best to listen to this song with the volume turned up to get the full flow of the guitars through your chest. You are also swept into the soaring instrumentation of the track this way.

Over the pure rock melody, is Lewis’ voice which continues the rock assault on your ears. His smooth tenor has the right rough edge to it. This is bolstered by the melody and the rather infectious lyrics. You will be singing along to the chorus by the end of the track because there is no way to stop yourself. Overall, this is a song that easily gets you into the vibe and has you getting down with its rock sound.

While the song itself is infectious, the music video adds a little something. Shot in black and white and featuring Lewis on guitar, the shifting focus perfectly matches the melody. You are also faced with the passion Lewis has for what he does as you watching him playing and singing. The almost glitchy flow of the video and the use of different landscapes just makes the song even more infectious.

Philip Morgan Lewis in collaboration with Jimmy Deer captivates you with the catchy rock vibes of ‘Arise’. The single combines rough vocals with a solid rock melody to have you moving and singing along. This song is best enjoyed with the music turned up so you can rock out without a care.

Find out more about Philip Morgan Lewis on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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