ODEONS – Level Playing Field (2021)

From their single ‘Allowed To Fall’ (read our review here) to ‘Not The One’ (read our review here), ODEONS has been on our radar and regulars on The Other Side Reviews. Throughout 2021, this Finnish duo has captured my heart bringing us hit after hit and I’m not complaining. With their unique blend of electropop, grunge and indie-rock, Mikko Jaakkola and Pati bring a refreshing sound to the indie music scene. Officially established in 2013, the group is not necessarily a new project; however, it was only in 2020 that ODEONS began making a splash collaborating with artists across the globe. The most recent single from their well-received discography is ‘Level Playing Field’.

Retaining the rock-inspired sound heard in ‘Not The One’, ODEONS bring us another hard-hitting tune in ‘Level Playing Field’. The difference between this single and the former is the influence of indie-rock. Similar to artists like Tame Impala and The Covasettes, there is a lighter side to the melody; however, innovativeness and eclecticism is heard with the incorporation of hard rock vocals and guitars. With a slight distortion in the underlying melody, accompanied by screeching guitars and pounding drums (courtesy of A Perfect Circle’s Jeff Friedl), ‘Level Playing Field’ has a heavier, forceful energy as compared to ODEONS’ previous work.

Recorded with mixing engineer Juha Matti Varvikko and artists Jiri Geller and Jani Mahkonen, ‘Level Playing Field’ showcases ODEONS outstanding collaborative skills. While the track may present a melancholic and desperate sound, there is a juxtaposition between the melody and lyrical content. The lads highlight not only their engaging instrumentation but also their depth as artists using a conceptual theme as the core for ‘Level Playing Field’. ODEONS share that “the lyrics of ‘Level Playing Field’ are centred around the concept of being an empowered individual looking at the world and deciding to voice an opinion about the things that feel out of place.”  

Infectious and intriguing, ‘Level Playing Field’ is an empowering piece that really shows how talented ODEONS is. I’m always eager to hear more and cannot wait to see what this Finnish pair have up their sleeves.

For more from ODEONS check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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