Moontwin – For Your Happiness (2021)

Old friends often make the best teams and this is blatantly evident with Moontwin. Reconnecting somewhere in cyberspace, singer-songwriter Melanie Garside and Zac Kuzmanov came together to share a genre-defying sound with the masses. It is difficult to describe the duo’s music but I would say it lies somewhere between…oh hell, I don’t know. You listen and tell me what you think.

Critically acclaimed, the duo has featured on a plethora of publications including Analogue Trash, Velvety, Come Here Floyd, American Pancake and BBC Introducing. With this range of coverage, it is clear that the duo is sharing their music with the masses. The latest addition to the well-received discography is ‘For Your Happiness’.

With the intimacy of Leonard Cohen and intense creepiness of Nick Cave, ‘For Your Happiness’ is a spine-chilling, soul-stirring single. Combining strings, guitars and synths, the track creates a hazy ambience. Add the siren-like vocals of Maple Bee (also known as Melanie Garside) and you place a layer of otherworldliness atop the hazy sound. While the conglomeration of fuzzy instrumentation and vocals are evocative, it is Kuzmanov’s performance that ensnares your senses.

Using a stream-of-consciousness narrative, Kuzmanov’s execution is personal and engaging. Reminiscent of Baz Luhrman’s ‘Everybody’s Free’ design, the spoken word style has a charming but hard-hitting effect. What makes ‘For Your Happiness’ even more intriguing than ‘Everybody’s Free’ is its depth – both the vocals and lyrical content. With a bold bass, Kuzmanov adds richness and robustness to the starkly honest look at reality.

A melodic and flowing song, ‘For Your Happiness’ has elements of ethereal harmony with steady depth. Insatiable and infectious, the boundary-breaking duo show they are not to be pigeon-holed.

For more from Moontwin check out their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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