Patient Lounge – BEGDA (2021)

Patient Lounge is going back to their progressive rock roots with their single ‘BEGDA’. Detailing the important story of a battle against self-doubt, the track is packed with anguish and metaphors. As the band works through the resistance inside us that holds us back, they let us know what we are truly capable of.

With a moment for each instrument to shine, the band offers a raw feeling that is easy to connect with. The intense energy of the band is clear and will shiver through you as you listen. Through all of this, listeners are treated to a live stage sound compressed into a studio single bringing the best of both worlds.

‘BEGDA’ gently draws you into the music with a deep bassline and compelling guitar line. The music pulls you up into the chorus for a gentle crash of sound that is utterly enthralling. There are these different lines that come into the melody to create layers of sound while highlighting each of the instruments. The single is on the longer side which gives each instrument the chance for a solo while pulling you effortlessly into the story of the vocals. The rock tones of the music pick up as the single progresses until the guitar is thrashing through your chest and gets your body grooving to their sound.

The vocals compliment the music as it moves to the building tones of the melody. The lightly gruff and raw feeling in the opening wrap around your wrist and tugs you down the lyrics and melody. As the melody hits a rock stride, the vocals soar out over it. Through the power of the vocals, you get a hit of live performance as you can just imagine the band playing the track. The nuance of the vocals also enhances the story of the lyrics which uses beautiful metaphors that bring the battle against self-doubt to vivid life.

Patient Lounge draws you into the battle against self-doubt with their compelling single ‘BEGDA’. While the single is on the long side at just under 9 minutes, you get so lost in the story and music that you don’t realise how much time has passed. The raw vocals highlight the metaphorical battle of the lyrics while the music crashes against you highlighting each instrument.

Find out more about Patient Lounge on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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