Mystic Waxx – Take Me Away (2020)

Mystic Waxx had us intrigued with their concept EP Kayla. Now, they are turning to the simple story of love and the adventures it inspires. While a topic that has been handled many times, the deep lyrical take offers a unique insight. Drawing on 80s synth-pop, the single melds the bands signature dark beats with a melodic drive.

Admir Hyka and Andrea Skalec take listeners on a sentimental journey through time with this single. The first full pop release from the duo, it offers an escape from the current world events that many need right now. If their concept EP got you interested in their sound, this single will seal the deal.

‘Take Me Away’ draws you into the synth adventure with dark beats in the opening. This turns into pulsing synths that have an 80s vibe to them, but with a modern darkness. As the synths pulse in the depths of the melody, there are higher tones that shimmer to melodic life over them. There is a travelling feeling to the music like driving through a city in the early hours of the morning. The melody has a sense of adventure threaded into the tones that pulls you into the lyrics and gets you moving.

The adventure of the melody is enhanced by the light vocals. The vocal performance has an airy feeling to it as it whispers over the synths. The performance works perfectly with the messaging of the lyrics as you are taken on a twirling journey of love. The 80s vibe of the music is enhanced by the vocals which have a sense of escapism laced into the retro tones. If you are looking for a song that offers a story while letting you get away from the real world, this is the single for you.

Mystic Waxx blends dark 80s synths with an airy melodic flow for the adventurous and engaging single ‘Take Me Away’. The melody blends pulsing synths with a higher melodic flow to drive you into a sense of escapism. The vocals are an airy layer that dances across the synths and leads you through the twirling story.

Find out more about Mystic Waxx on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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