Fjorda – Unspoken (2020)

There are times when you want to connect with someone you have left behind. These times are the basis of ‘Unspoken’ by Fjorda. The nostalgic ballad offers a stripped-back melody entwined with haunting sonic elements. Through the music, you are treated to an aching melancholy of words left unsaid and the rawness of wanting to connect.

This emotional single draws on Fjorda’s personal experiences and background. Originally from Russia, the Boston-based singer infuses Russian into the single for a whisper against your ears. As you listen to the single, you are transported to another world before gently being returned to normal life.

‘Unspoken’ sets the nostalgic tone from the moment the piano line first hits. The stripped-back piano-driven melody has a breezy feeling like a lazy afternoon. The gentle flow of the piano has you floating to the music like a leaf swirling down a river. The hauntingly beautiful piano line intertwines with whispered words as the song progresses. Throughout the song, there is a raw vulnerability to the music that leaves you open to the melancholic vocals.

While the melody sets a nostalgic vibe to the song, it is Fjorda’s vocals that really grip you. Her voice has an otherworldly feeling to it as it pierces into your skin and sends shivers through you. The flow of her performance melds perfectly with the listing melancholy of the melody and lyrics. Through her performance, your chest is filled with the aching pain of sorrow, a desire to connect with another and the regrets of everything left unsaid.

While the song itself is emotive and fills you with a melancholic ache, the official music video enhances this. The video opens with a zoom into a house with Fjorda standing in a darkened room as light filters through the windows. The visual perfectly captures the melancholy of the ballad while offering a simple visual. It is very easy to watch as you get lost in the music.

Fjorda fills you with an aching melancholy through the haunting nostalgia laced into her single ‘Unspoken’. The piano-driven melody is stripped back to its raw bones while her vocals lilt to a melancholic ache deep in your chest. The emotive single is brought to visual life through the stunning music video that captures the haunting essence of the single.

Find out more about Fjorda on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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