Red Mar – Euphrasie Visits (2020)

Eclectic to the teeth, Red Mar is an avant-garde quintet combining elements of classic rock, post-punk and alternative rock in their highly original sound. Founded in 2018 in Norwich during 2018, the group began with two members playing music in freeform improvisations. Since that time, the band has grown as a force using various musical influences with their innovative style. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Euphrasie Visits’.

With elements of The Cure, Dresden Dolls, Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees, ‘Euphrasie Visits’ embraces a broad-based, all-encompassing melody. Focusing on all instruments giving each prominence, but still maintaining a singular whole, Red Mar captivates one’s senses from the get-go. Slightly chaotic, but with that stringent steadiness holding the song together, ‘Euphrasie Visits’ has a haunting, hypnotic quality about it.

Showcasing the group’s ability to find the delicate balance between classic orchestral sounds, modern beats and old-school grit, ‘Euphrasie Visits’ is a surreal swirl of sound. The flowing transitions from post-punk to metal illustrate a delving into the darker, more intense realm of human emotion. What I find particularly intriguing is Miles Lukoszevieze’s hushed vocals that add a melancholic twinge to the free-falling tune. Breaking all boundaries, Red Mar is a stand-out group with an evocative edge.

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