Tyla Jane – Westside Romance (2020)

Do you feel like you could use an injection of youthful energy? If you do, take a listen to ‘Westside Romance’ by Tyla Jane which simply exudes bright energy. This single celebrates the idea of young love and pumps a full-of-life type energy into your veins. Through the light-hearted synth melody, you are encouraged to reach out and take a chance with all the carefreeness of youth.

Using a combination of unique melodies and storytelling lyrics, Jane is able to throw you into the scene of the track and fill you with emotion. Her fun and quirky style is also a unique hit when taken with the energy of her soundscapes.

The beat is what first gets your attention at the start of ‘Westside Romance’ as it leads you to Jane’s vocals. Her voice has this interesting pop-RnB vibe to it that gently flows against your ears. The smoothness of her performance allows you to slide into the lyrics without any issues. The chorus of the song is catchy and you might just find yourself singing along. While her performance is not high octane, there is this youthful laidback energy to it.

Below her vocals, the beat that first captures your attention continues. This beat melds with light flowing tones that carry the feeling of relaxation and easiness. The light-hearted vibe of the track is created by this melody. While doing this, it also forms the perfect platform for Jane’s vocals.

Tyla Jane gives you a boost of light-hearted and youthful energy in her single ‘Westside Romance’. Her vocals are a smooth blend of pop and RnB while the melody forms the laid-back vibes of the song. Together they fill you with bright energy that leaves you feeling that you can easily tackle the rest of the day.

Find out more about Tyla Jane on her Instagram and Spotify.

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