NEO 10Y – (God Is) The Camera (2021)

With their latest single ‘(God Is) The Camera’, NEO 10Y is taking listeners on an interdimensional trip through the conscious universe. Combining alternative pop, indie RnB, dark-pop and rap, they consider the parallels between the universe and the human experience. With intricate, ethereal and sexy movements, they weave our collective consciousness into something much larger than you might think possible.

This single continues the expansive and cerebral pop sound that NEO 10Y has become known for. A spiritual revolutionary based in London, they draw on their own thoughts of the world and turns them into immersive soundscapes. Using thought-provoking lyrics, they will have you looking at the world in a different way while reassessing your own place within it.

‘(God Is) The Camera’ dances and swirls into your mind to draw you into line between worlds. The sitar provided by Tommy Khosla twirls around the electronic tones of the track for a twisting seduction. As the chorus hits, the music gets a modern hitting edge that brings a splash of hard-hitting RnB to the pop sensibilities of the melody. There is a punch to the chorus that is wonderful to hear as the beats rise and pulse through you. The layering of the melody is amazing as it perfectly balancing different styles, sounds and musical traditions.

As you are riding through parallel dimensions, the vocals bring a dreamy hazy. There is an echoing feeling to the vocal performance that bursts through your senses like a nebula. When the chorus hits and you bounce to the melody, the vocals get a heavier push to them. The pace of the vocals has your head bopping to the rhythm before sliding through the seductively smooth flow. There is an epic rap verse later in the track that offers a pulse of consciousness. Through all of this, you are drawn into the lyrics that have you reassessing the world and how you interact with it.

NEO 10Y draws you into a multidimensional wash of sounds and texture while contemplating the human experience and consciousness in ‘(God Is) The Camera’. With a melody that pulls you into the parallel lines of space, the single has you soaring through nebulous space clouds. The vocal performance has a dreamy haze that leads you to a head-bopping movement and epic rap.

Find out more about NEO 10Y on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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