Nick Catoire – Empty Love (2021)

Finding real love is a struggle regardless of who or where you are. This is something that Nick Catoire has experienced and woven into the emotionally vulnerable tones of ‘Empty Love’. After the end of his first love, he badly wanted to find love again but had no idea how with a lack of gay clubs in his small town. Hitting the dating apps, he looked for something real in a world of superficial hook-ups leading to the emptiness he inundates listeners with through this single.

Soulful and magical, Catoire draws on the influence of Sia, Amy Winehouse and Lauren Hill to create his addictive sound. All of this is wrapped around witty lyrics and a positive personality that allows him to share his story through songs that pack a serious punch. Vulnerable yet powerful, this is a high-powered single that artfully brings the struggle of finding real love as a queer person to life.

‘Empty Love’ has a really upbeat melody that progressively gains volume as the opening slides against your senses. The beats vibrate through your chest and get you moving to it before the higher levels of the melody twinkle. Every element of the melody combines to create a serious pop bop that fills you with a light and bright energy. This is a delightful contrast to the vocals and the messaging of the track. Later in the song, there is a touch of drone to the beats that highlights the brighter melodic elements. There is something about the music that makes you move to it whether you want to or not.

The darker edge of the single hits through the vocals. Catoire’s vocals have an RnB edge to their shining pop sensibilities. The dark pop edge they bring perfectly contrasts the melody while his delivery matches the bouncing energy of the music. It is a very masterful combination that highlights the musicality he has to offer. Beneath the light of the track, there is an emotional struggle in the lyrics as he fights against feelings of drowning and emptiness. As the lyrics pull you into negativity, the melody bounces you up to a glimmer of hope for the future.

Nick Catoire perfectly balances a bright and bouncing melody with dark pop and emotive vocals for the infectious ‘Empty Love’. The single has you moving to the rhythm while the lyrics delve into dark parts of the soul. The contrast of light and dark perfectly captures the messaging of the single while offering some hope for the future.

Find out more about Nick Catoire on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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