Nicky Murray – It Is So (2021)

Nicky Murray has teamed up with Glasgow’s Zoe Graham for his single ‘It Is So’. His first release of the year, it combines his multi-instrumental talents with the vocal harmonies of Graham. Bringing folk, pop and electronic tones together, he fills you with the sound he is becoming known for.

While Murray has been on the musical map since his debut album in 2014, his 2018 record featuring an amazing line-up of accompanying musicians gained him some serious recognition. Since then, he has been playing live shows with two Scottish tours in 2019. When the pandemic hit, he spent his time releasing a series of singles with this one potentially being the second last.

‘It Is So’ draws you in with a combination of beats and higher gentle tones. The synths in the low levels have a light drone to them that plays wonderfully against the wispy higher tones. The interplay between the two layers of the melody creates an interesting space where you can float as you listen to the vocals. It is easy to just close your eyes, lean back and let the music sink into you. Later in the track, there is a moment of gentle swell to the music that is like a sudden exhale.

Murray’s vocals rest in the middle ground where you are floating. His soothing voice wraps around you as you lean back into the musical space. There is a vulnerable feeling to his performance that makes you want to hold your breath as you listen. The harmonisations provided by Graham add a lush cushion to the music. They are really beautiful as they swell in the soundscape and boost the emotions of the track.

Nicky Murray has you resting in a gentle soundscape while washing you with emotions in ‘It Is So’. The track is a soft and plush soundscape that you can easily rest back into as his voice soothes across your brain bolstered by the harmonisations. The melodic arrangement creates a pocket of space for you to float in which is absolutely wonderful.

Find out more about Nicky Murray on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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