Iris Bonet ft Bonf1r3 – Do You Wanna (2021)

With her single ‘What It’s Like’, Iris Bonet helped us confront feelings and emotions that we would rather run away from. She is taking a completely different approach with her single ‘Do You Wanna’. Going back to her dating days, she considers the times when you feel something for someone and believe they feel the same but are never completely sure.

With lyrics that highlight all the things she wished her younger self could have said, she unleashes a relatable tale. The single also features her rap alter ego Bonf1r3 bringing an interesting contrast to the contemporary RnB tones of the track. Not only does the single let loose everything many of us wish to say, but it also showcases Bonet’s musicality and versatility.

The light warble that draws you into ‘Do You Wanna’ has a really slick soulful vibe to it. There is an undertone to the melody that has your shoulders swaying to it before you know what has happened. The lightness of the melody allows the vocals to really shine. The light tones glitter in the background while that soulful slide from the opening wraps around you and leads you further into the track. It is a delightfully light melody that you can lightly leap down to be caught by the vocals.

Bonet’s vocals are outstanding on this track as she provides both the soulful RnB flow and the rap tones of Bonf1r3. It is truly like there are two people singing on this track which really showcases her versatility and musical prowess. The RnB vocals are sultry as she pulls you into the uncertainty that tinges the lyrics. Through these moments she questions if someone feels the same or if she is reading things incorrectly. When the rap section hits this uncertainty hits harder as she openly questions what the other person wants. The two very different vocal performances work so well together and create a captivating single.

Iris Bonet slides into your ears with a seductive RnB flow that is bolstered by the rap section from Bonf1r3 in ‘Do You Wanna’. The seductive tones of the melody enhance the vocals as they question if they have read a situation correctly. The uncertainty laced into the vocals is relatable while letting you unleash any insecurity into the movement of the track.

Find out more about Iris Bonet on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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