One Haven – Ember (2021)

If you are looking to have your heartstrings tugged by a raw, grungy acoustic rock sound, you are in the right place. This is exactly what One Haven does with their single ‘Ember’ which is packed with yearning and love. Through the layered tones of the track, they fill your soul with the longing to be with someone who is miles or oceans away before tempering this with the fear of never being with them again.

Bringing a touch of brokenness to the complexity of human emotions, the band reaches into your chest and squeezes. While One Haven was originally formed as a solo project by Jason Taylor (vocals, guitar), it received a new lease on life with the addition of Daniel Mac (guitar, backing vocals) and occasional guest Jen Taylor (backing vocals). Together, they draw on a range of influences while merging their styles into something truly beautiful.

‘Ember’ sets a raw ad honest feeling through the guitar that draws you into the single. The acoustic tones add an earthiness to the grunge tones of the track bringing a unique edge to the soundscape. While the melody has this earthy feeling, there is a sense of something more to it. It is like the music is reaching out for something that remains out of reach no matter how hard you wish for it to come in grasping distance. As the track progresses, the melody gets a push of pace that enhances the emotions that have been woven into the track through the vocals.

Jason Taylor’s vocals have the lightest growl of rock to them as they walk down a forest path laid out by the melody. his performance brings a yearning and questioning of how the distance between people can affect their relationship. There is a really touching message in the vocals as he highlights how the ember of his affection is what keeps him going while far away. Jen Taylor’s vocals come in as a wonderful second side to the story of the lyrics as she calls for him to come back and close the distance between them. This is a great showing of the two sides of every story and what each person in a long-distance relationship is feeling. The passion of their performance is amazing as they reach into your soul to tug at your emotions.

One Haven brings a touch of brokenness to the warm embers of affection that are tested by the physical distance between two people in ‘Ember’. The acoustic tones of the track highlight the raw and grunge vibe of the single while taking the emotions to another level. The vocals by Jason and Jen Taylor are amazing as they provide two sides of the story.

Find out more about One Haven on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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