Patrick Tabaks – Like Home (2021)

With his single ‘Like Home’, Patrick Tabaks continues the exploration of emotion that forms his debut album Lost My Mind. The exploration started with the first single releases from the album and traverses genres and styles. Drawing on the experiences of life, he plucks at your emotions while drawing you into the single moments and feelings that make up the endlessly complex tapestry of life.

While only 17, Tabaks musical and emotive prowess are utterly stunning and reflect an older soul. Combining his classical opera training with the best elements of various genres, he has creates a unique style and sound that hooks you from the first second. Between writing and recording his debut album, he also held the lead role in a new musical.

‘Like Home’ hums against your senses and strums through your soul with a delicately light and tender tone. The melody is like a stream gently running over your skin. The smoothness of the music gains a jazzy edge as the single continues that enhances the decadence of the track. There is a velveteen feeling to the track that is all luxury. As the song progresses, there is a bop to the beat that has you grooving to the flows without any issues. The movement of the music is endlessly engaging while gentle and captivating. You can’t help but be caught in the music that layers jazzy piano over a calling guitar and bopping beat.

As the decadence of the melody washes over you, Tabaks’ vocals are a satin ribbon wrapped around your soul. He effortlessly draws you into the story of the lyrics and beckons you further into the smoothness of the track. The captivating energy of the track is amazing and has you feeling like it should be coming from a much older artist. The emotions of the track are woven into the tapestry of vocals and music that shine with an inner ember of passion and love. There is a touch of loss laced into the tones but this is eased by the smoothness of Tabaks vocals.

Patrick Tabaks has you sinking into the velveteen decadence that is ‘Like Home’ while soaking up the passion and power of his performance. The music is warm and smooth as it slides across your senses and draws you into the track. The smoothness is picked up by the vocals that rest on your sink and beckon you further under his spell.

Find out more about Patrick Tabaks on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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