Rae Radick – In A Memory (2020)

Loving someone does not always mean that you are going to be with them forever. This is the basis of ‘In A Memory’ by Rae Radick. The single tells the story of two people who never stop loving each other, but are taken in different directions by the flow of life. Through the soundscape, you are drawn into their emotions and the ever-present feeling of loving someone who is not with you.

To tell the tale, Radick continues her melding of pop, blues and country for a sultry sound. As a member of American Bombshells, she has toured for the military and veterans. Her music has also been featured in independent films due to her contrasting sound being fierce yet vulnerable.

‘In A Memory’ has a vintage sound to the opening resting in the guitar line. The deep shuffling beats that draw you down the melody have a chilled yet sultry vibe to them. This combines with the guitar that pulls you further into the soundscape through the riffs that lightly tap against your senses. There is something about the melody that wraps around you and will not let go. While seemingly simple, you can’t stop listening to it.

Radick’s vocals add to the enthralling melody as she brings her own seductive vibes. Her voice has a velveteen tone that wraps around you for a smooth listening experience. There is a bluesy vibe to her vocals that melds with the sultry flow of her performance. She has a lot of power in her voice that is resting below that soft layer of blues and draws you into the story of the lyrics.

The official music video for the single perfectly captures the story of the lyrics. The video offers you an insight into the couple who love each other but are separated by life. There are scenes of them happy together only to fade to Radick alone and missing the other person. The video is as easy to watch as the song is to listen to.

Rae Radick fills you with emotion as she considers forever loving someone who life has separated you from with ‘In A Memory’. The sultry flow of the melody is enhanced by the seductive vocals. The official music video captures the story of the track perfectly to increase the emotional impact.

Find out more about Rae Radick on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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