Paul Bader – Fool (2022)

If you have been missing the late 90s and early 2000s euro-pop sound, you are in for a treat. Paul Bader is drawing heavily on the sounds of that time for this single ‘Fool’. While bursting with euro-pop tones, the single uses contemporary production to bring a blast of freshness and something that is uniquely Paul Bader.

Injecting the infectious tones of club beats into bubbles of pop, this single is sure to have you bouncing off the walls and having a great time. While his journey with music started with singing in the choir and taking piano lessons, his pop idols had him feeling at home in this genre. Relatively new to the music scene, Bader has participated in local competitions and his creativity has been recognised in the industry.

‘Fool’ fills you with serious pop tones from the first moment. The pulsing electronic notes blink through your brain while making you want to bounce around to them. There is a heavy euro-pop feeling to the melody that leads you to the infectious club tones of the chorus. You can’t really listen to this melody and not bop to it at some point. While there is a touch of retro pop culture woven into the music, there is a modern edge that brings a new dimension to the track. You can easily imagine this single playing in a club, with the lights pulsing, and bodies bouncing around to it on the dancefloor.

As the electronic tones of the melody pulse lights through your brain, the vocals have a slight electronic edge. There is such a party vibe to the music that you can’t help but want to close your eyes and let the addictive dance flow wash through. This feeling is bolstered on the chorus, to fill every inch of you with the bright neon lights of dance. While the single is packed with moving dance tones, the lyrics pull you into the freedom of letting go on a night out. The carefree energy of the music is tempered by the push and pull of attraction woven into the lyrics. At times, the lyrics have a really catchy movement that makes you want to shout them out as you bounce around to the music.

Paul Bader has you bouncing around to the bright lights and infectious tones of ‘Fool’ as you are filled with freeing party energy. The music pulses through your senses and has you bouncing around to the rhythm. His vocals enhance the dance vibes, while bringing a push and pull of attraction to your ears.

Find out more about Paul Bader on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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