Pavit Sanghera – Fake Love (2021)

In the month of romance, it is best to remember that not all romantic connections end with true love. There are times when a little fun is all you need and this feeling has been captured by Pavit Sanghera in her single ‘Fake Love’. Hot and steamy, the single considers the endless pursuit of love and counters it with having some fun along the way.

While keeping with the upbeat vibes of her last single ‘Better Decisions’, the track takes a much sexier route. Packed with her unique musical flair, it twists and turns to a fun and sultry beat. If you are looking to have a little fun while on the quest for love, this is the single for you.

‘Fake Love’ has you sliding into the steamy melody from the first guitar note. There is a sultry flow to the music that has a hazy darkness to it. The depth of the music covers you in a satin soundscape with wisps of seduction whirling around you. The seduction of the opening gives way to a more interesting beat arrangement that propels you forward while pulling you down. It is a very interesting melodic arrangement that comes at you from all directions and keeps you a little on your toes.

Sanghera’s vocals continue the steamy feeling of the music through her RnB flows. Her smooth vocals draw you into the music while the deep backing vocals add a second perspective. At times, her seductive tones move to a faster pulse that gets your heart beating to the rhythm of the track. There is something unbelievably enticing about the music as it combines with her vocals for an irresistible pull into a different type of romantic connection.

Pavit Sanghera changes things up for her seductive and steamy single ‘Fake Love’. While the melody has an interesting arrangement, there is a depth to the music that pulls you into the sultry tones of a different kind of romantic connection. Her vocals continue the steam flows of the music while keeping her smooth delivery.

Find out more about Pavit Sanghera on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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