Polarity Code – An Illusion (2021)

With his debut single, Polarity Code takes listeners on a sweeping and groovy journey through a three-act narrative. ‘An Illusion’ is an emotional story that rises on strings and fills your senses with the melancholic piano line. Woven into this is a dance beat that you can’t miss as you move through the story of the lyrics.

Exploring themes of societal norms and personal desires, Saral Navlakha, the man behind the music, brings the dichotomy of life to his music. While his music is rooted in the balance of different themes and feelings, the sound is a combination of classical, electronic and modern tones. All of this comes together for a unique sound that is as powerful as it is captivating.

‘An Illusion’ sweeps into your ears with an interplay of strings offering a classical edge to the song. The strings have a very orchestral vibe to them that rise into the swell of the melody. There is a breathing feeling to the music that covers you in the cotton soft tones that tug at your emotions. The sweeping classic tones abruptly drop for the end of the first act of the track and from their ashes rises a melancholic piano line. Joining a bittersweet warble of strings, the piano leads you to a marching drum. There is a lot of darkness in this section of the melody that brings a swirl of twilight undertones that creates a nebulous void beneath your feet. The dance beat comes in to mark the start of the third act and gets your feet tapping to the rhythm. There is an infectious feeling to the clapping dance tones that balance with the strings that sweetly call from the higher levels.

It is not only the melody that breaks the single into three distinct acts. The vocals through the first act are airy and ethereal. There is an almost haunting feeling to them as they tenderly swirl through your senses. They rise to bright heights just before the drop for the second act takes hold and they transform into a growling darkness. The change in the vocals is amazing and really showcases the versatility of Navlakha. You can feel the smoky vibes of the vocals in the second act as his voice covers your senses. Once the last act hits, the vocals get an electronic edge that completely changes things again. It is an outstanding single that really captures the essence of these three-act tracks while bringing the balance of his work to sonic glory.

Polarity Code balances light and dark while effortlessly pulling you into the three very different acts of ‘An Illusion’. The melody moves from sweeping classic tones to darkness before ending on a groovy dance note. The vocals morph to match the changes of the story in the single highlighting the versatility and musicality of Polarity Code.

Find out more about Polarity Code on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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